Welcome to your resources page. These designs are bespoke to fit every social media platform from Facebook to LinkedIn, so you can tell your followers that you're supporting Royal Trinity Hospice and taking on the 130 Challenge. 

Read the tips on each to get ideas on how you can use these posts and best communicate to your followers why you're running for Trinity. 

Fundraising pack

Download your 130 Challenge fundraising pack. Inside you'll find lots of ideas to get inspired for your challenge, helpful Trinity stats to encourage people to donate and all the ways you can get in touch with us for any fundraising support you need. 

Download fundraising pack

Get your post personalised

From planting 130 flowers to skipping 13 miles, your 130 Challenge can be as unique as your are and we want to help you let everyone know exactly what you're doing. If you want your post personalised with your 130 Challenge, let us know what your challenge is and which social media platform you're posting on and we will arrange for a bespoke graphic to be sent you way. 

Email to get your personalised post


Tip: Write a caption about your experience with our care and why you're fundraising for Trinity to drum up some support. Add some extra photos of the person you might be running in memory of to help tell your story and remember to add the link to your fundraising page.




Tip: Post as slides on your feed. Download one of the squares below and add that to your slides first. After that add photos of Trinity, photos of your training, or photos of the person you might be running in memory of, so your followers can swipe through and learn more about why you're fundraising for us. 

Remember to add the link to your fundraising page in your bio.



Tip: You only have 280 characters so keep it your tweet short and sweet. Remember to direct people to your fundraising page to learn more.



Tip: You have a lot of space to explain why you're fundraising for Trinity, so take advantage of this and tell your fellow colleagues, ex co-worker's and everyone in between know why you need their support. Remember to link to your fundraising page. 


Get in touch

If you have any questions about these resources, fundraising or anything in between, please reach out to the fundraising team by email or call 020 7787 1000.