We anticipate a 44% increase in the number of patients who will need our support by 2030. We need your help now.

No one should live, or die, with symptoms that could be relieved with our specialist care. Yet, we believe that for every patient who receives our care, there is at least one other that we do not reach. 

We also know that only 3% of people want to die in a hospital, yet 50% do. Trinity helps those who want to stay at home and to die at home to do so. All of our professionals - including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and counsellors - work together to ensure every patient receives the best possible care - in the right place, at the right time, from the right person.

Whilst we are ambitious, we are also realistic. Government funding for hospices is limited and without the support of our generous donors, we would only be able to support a fraction of the people we currently reach.

Your support means we can transform our specialist palliative care for people living at home to enhance their quality of life - and death – for many years to come.

Please help us to be here for every patient and their family.

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