Ben’s wife, Katie, spent almost 3 weeks in Trinity’s Inpatient Centre in July 2017.

“The care, love, support, dignity, opportunity, but most of all laughter with which Trinity filled the end of Katie’s life, left a permanent mark and an immeasurable debt of gratitude on Katie, myself and all that laughed with her those last few weeks.

I know that everyone’s experience of Trinity is as unique as the people in it, but for us it was the staff, from top to bottom, from volunteer to consultant that allowed Katie to shape that time as only she could. Before she died, Katie made me promise that we pay that back as best we could."

To honour Katie’s memory and continue her legacy, Ben and his family and friends have embarked on an incredible challenge to raise £250,000 for two of Katie’s chosen charities, Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity and Royal Trinity Hospice. 

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