In response to many requests for naming opportunities at Trinity, we have introduced a commemorative art installation in our reception area which allows supporters to engrave a copper leaf on the tree in memory of a loved one.

Each leaf can be engraved with a name and costs £150 for a bronze leaf, £300 for a silver leaf, £500 for a gold leaf and £1,000 for a large gold leaf. Each leaf will remain on the tree for a year and after this you can choose to have your leaf returned as a keepsake, or renew your leaf for a further year.

The Magnolia Tree is a tangible and visible way to remember our loved ones whilst also giving something back. I do hope that everyone who has experienced the first class medical care and loving attention that we did, will want to contribute to this beautiful Magnolia Tree.

Ann Page, Trinity in memory supporter

All the money raised through the Magnolia Tree will fund the incredible work that Trinity’s nurses do, both at Trinity and in people’s homes throughout the community.

You can also pay for your leaf over a period of time by Direct Debit, just enter the monthly amount when you click 'donate' above.

£12.50 for bronze
£25 for silver    
£41.60 for gold
£83.30 for large gold

For more information call us on 020 7787 1093 or email Hannah on [email protected]