Advanced illnesses can worsen unexpectedly, day or night. Delays in receiving care cause both patients and carers so much anxiety and worry. Providing care and rapidly supporting them in their own homes is so important. The Rapid Response team at Trinity was created to offer rapid assistance to patients and their loved ones during these urgent situations.

This new service is currently available during the day, but our goal is to expand its availability to 24 hours within the next year, and that's where you can help.

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Alex, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, joined the Rapid Response team this summer:

"In the last year, I have spoken to countless patients and carers who have shared the stress of waiting for urgent support, especially when a loved one is in pain. 

We want to be by their side within two hours, either through a phone call or a home visit. Being able to receive urgent care at the end of life is so important to manage symptoms that can be causing pain and distress." 

Your donation, no matter the size, will help us be by our patients' side within two hours, 24 hours a day meaning that everyone who could benefit from our care can access it—when they need it and in the way that they need it.

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