My name is Ann and I’m a volunteer at Trinity. I’d like to tell you why volunteers are so vital and why we’re asking for donations so Trinity can keep training and supporting volunteers like me.

Volunteers are involved in all areas of hospice life, such as serving patients and families in the café, tending to our award-winning two acre gardens, and driving outpatients to therapy sessions.

Volunteering is embedded in the spirit of Trinity, which would be a very different place without their commitment and enthusiasm.

Why I volunteer

In 2008, Dennis, my husband of 40 years, was diagnosed with terminal lung and liver cancer. In June 2012 it became increasingly difficult for him to be at home and a room was found for him at Trinity.

Nothing prepared me for the feeling of relief, care, and warmth that greeted us as Dennis was transferred so lovingly on to his bed by two nurses. One of the nurses said to me, ‘now, Ann, we are here to care for Dennis, you, and your family,’ and that they certainly did. Dennis died at Trinity after 10 peaceful and mainly pain-free days, having had amazing care.

I’ve been a mealtime volunteer for two and a half years now and spend my Wednesday afternoons speaking with patients, liaising with the kitchen about their dietary requirements, serving their food and making sure they have all they need.

I’m in a special position where I have lived both sides of the Trinity experience; as a wife losing her husband and as a volunteer, meeting patients and families. It’s a great privilege for me to share my story and perhaps offer a little comfort to those families as I go about my role.

Please support volunteering at Trinity

I feel honoured to be a volunteer at Trinity and be a part of providing a positive patient experience, knowing how much it helped when Dennis was here. Speaking with other volunteers, I cannot overstate the benefits we receive from knowing each other and being a part of the Trinity volunteer family.

As Trinity works to meet the rising demand for its outstanding care, the cost of running Trinity rises too. It's so important that we keep attracting and training the very best volunteers from our community.

Last year, volunteers donated an incredible 94,848 hours of their time to support Trinity's care. With their loyalty and dedication, Trinity can continue providing outstanding care and be here for the next family who needs them.

It costs £350 to train and support a Trinity volunteer. Please help this appeal raise £17,500 to help fund support and training for 50 volunteers for a year.

Please help by making a donation below. 

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