This year during Dying Matters Week, Trinity's 26 charity shops took part in the campaign by having 'thank you' washing lines in their windows. The concept was simple: people were asked to thank those that had helped them through times of grief or bereavement, however big or small the gesture. 

The moving results are a lesson in how to help or comfort someone who is grieving. Below are ten 'thank yous' which were all left in one of Trinity's shop windows. 

1. 'Thank you for talking to me about 'normal things.' It really helped.'

2. 'Thank you for calling me every morning for about a month to help me get out of bed and talk to me until I had managed to get up.' 

3. 'Thank you for your support. When you told me you were proud of me because I did the funeral my Dad wanted. You made me feel relief.' 

4.'Thank you to all the people that really listened- without you all, I don't know where I would be today.' 

5. 'Thank you for helping me through at Trinity.'

6. 'Thank you for talking with me about happy memories.' 

7. 'Thank you for all the help I received at the darkest time after my wife died.' 

8. 'Thank you for your hugs and being a shoulder to cry on.' 

9. 'Thank you for your patience and love.' 

10.'Thank you for being a friend to me.' 

Trinity offers a range of support to the bereaved family members and friends of someone cared for by Trinity. You can find out more here.