Talking about death and dying with your family can be tough. It’s much easier to pretend like it’s not going to happen. But you might want to find out how they would like to be cared for if they were ill or how they would like to be remembered after they die. There are so many benefits from having these conversations early. Here are some easy ways you could start the ball rolling.

1. When listening to music

Girl listening to music

Tell them your favourite song and let them know what it means to you. Are there any songs which mean so much to them that they might like them to be played at their funeral?

2. On a bench

Couple sitting on bench

Pick a bench with a good view. Some benches are in memory of people who have died – a chance to discuss what kind of legacy they might want to leave behind.

3. Over Mexican food

Mexican food

Mexican food is tasty. It’s also an opportunity to get talking about the Mexicans’ much more relaxed attitude towards death. Death is celebrated with the ‘Day of the Dead’ there. What are their biggest fears about death and dying and how might they like to be remembered?

4. With a photo album

Photo memories

Looking through old photos is worth it just for the 80s haircuts. It’s also a chance to find out more about our relatives who are no longer here. What was their death like? Did they die in hospital, a hospice or at home? Did it teach them anything about what they might like their own death to be like?

5. After a game of Monopoly 

Monopoly board

This game will more often than not end in a property related dispute. But what will happen to your family’s property when they die? Have they left a Will?

6. On a walk

Church graveyard

Maybe you will pass a hearse, a church or a cemetery. Have they thought about whether they’d like to be buried or cremated?

7. At a car boot sale

Clothes at car boot sale

Browsing through the hidden gems of a car boot sale is a chance to grab a bargain but also to find out what they might like to happen to their stuff after they die.

8. Over a cup of tea

Girl with tea

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to wait for these moments to talk about death and dying with your family. Talking about it won’t make it happen but it will make things easier.