Artur and Amanda who found love at Trinity were married on the 9th of August 2017. For Hospice Care Week they talk about how they met, and why they have such a special connection to the hospice.

The couple met at Trinity 4 years ago. Artur was working as a porter when Amanda joined as a nurse on Trinity’s inpatient unit.

“It was on a break randomly, we started talking…We kind of just clicked really” said Amanda.  “He was not my usual type but there was just something about him. I realised he was actually a very similar kind of person to me, laid back and open and honest” she added.

After over 3 years of dating, the couple got engaged on a trip back to Artur’s native Poland. The wedding was held in Wandsworth Town Hall alongside friends and family and afterwards, they received special permission to have their wedding photos taken at Trinity.

While some people might think it is odd to spend your wedding day at a hospice, for Amanda and Artur there could be nowhere more special. “It’s the place we met... it’s a nice kind of memory that we get the photos here.”

The couple were joined by over 60 colleagues at their reception, and after they extended an open invite to everyone at Trinity to join them.

“We call ourselves the Trinity family because we are such a small unit. Everyone knows each other. You know that they are there for you” said Amanda. “You can speak with everyone. Ask for help. We bend over backwords for each other” Artur added.

After the big day, the couple went on a glamping mini-moon in Wales before coming back to look for a new home. Amanda and Artur plan to move house before the end of the year, but there are no plans to change jobs.

Amanda said “There is just something about this place. The people you get here are all here to care, you can see it. We are here because we love our jobs.” Artur adds, “We work for someone to experience the best moments at the end of their journey in life. I think that’s really cool.”