Join forces with Trinity on Saturday 9 December for an exhilarating 10,000ft Santa-themed skydive at Salisbury airfield.

No experience is required: all participants will be attached to an instructor who will be in complete control of their jump. Free costumes will be provided on the day but skydivers are more than welcome to bring their own…

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Spiritual Care Lead, Michael Savage, took part in the Santa Skydive 2016 alongside Senior Social Worker Kate Wells and Fundraiser Clare Gilchrist. 

Michael said “I told a patient what I was doing and he could not stop laughing. He found the whole idea so funny that he just broke down. His reaction makes the Santa Skydive worthwhile; it’s all about laughter and humour and fellowship, and raising money for Trinity. What a brilliant way to prepare for Christmas – being with my wonderful colleagues, having fun, taking photographs and knowing that we are doing something for our patients, their families and carers. What a fantastic privilege.”

Trinity has limited places available through our skydive partners, Skyline.

All you have to do is raise a minimum sponsorship target of £395 (which includes a £70 deposit) and then you jump for free.

For further information please contact Clare Gilchrist on 020 7787 1087 or via [email protected]