Throughout St Thomas’s Inspiring Living week, Year Two pupils learnt about the function of a hospice before getting to work producing colourful artwork inspired by Trinity’s 125th Anniversary and newly appointed ‘Royal’ status.

The children then celebrated their Make a Difference Day by walking from St Thomas’s to Trinity, where they presented their artwork, visited the gardens and talked to members of staff about Trinity and its role in the local community.

A huge thank you to the pupils for all their hard work, and please do drop in to our reception where the wonderful drawings are currently on display.

There are all sorts of ways schools can get involved with helping Trinity - from fun runs and bake sales to PTA events. We can support you in whatever you choose to do, and we have fundraising ideas for all age groups from nursery groups to college pupils if you would like some inspiration.

In celebration of our 125th Anniversary, 2016 has seen the launch of Trinity’s first ever Inter-School Challenge, in which all schools in our catchment area are challenged to raise a minimum of £125. If all our local schools take part, a grand total of £50,000 would be reached - enough to fund one specialist Trinity nurse for a whole year!  The school that raises the most throughout the year will become the very first winners of the Trinity School Challenge Cup and win a Star Award at Trinity's Star Ball this November.

If you know a school that would like to get involved, or to discuss fundraising ideas, arrange a talk or sign up for our bi-annual schools newsletter; please contact Laura via email or on 020 7787 1018.