Sarah has been on placement with our Occupational Therapists over the past six weeks. Now that her time at Trinity has come to an end, she's telling us what she's learnt...

I was allocated to Royal Trinity Hospice for my first Occupational Therapy (OT) placement and, though I was nervous to start, the Therapies team made me feel very welcome.

With Barbara and Koren, the Occupational Therapists in the hospice, I have seen how OT works in the community, inpatient and outpatient services, and learned about the contribution that it makes in palliative care and the lives of each patient. Observing how they assess and work with a patient to plan how they manage at home and to work out what support they need to carry out their activities of daily life, often by visiting them at home, I have seen the theory of Occupational therapy in practice and begun to build up my own skills and understanding.

I have also been involved in outpatient gardening group where the positive effect that occupations and activities has on wellbeing is very clear. It has been so enjoyable getting to know the patients in the group, seeing the enjoyment they get out of the group and having fun arranging flowers and planting Christmas trees!

I have also had the opportunity to learn from other members of the team at Trinity, through going to team meetings and handovers, and through shadowing different people, including a nurse in the community and a doctor’s ward round.  From hearing the medical terms I have learned what feels like a different language!

Being at Trinity has changed some of my misconceptions about hospices, as I have seen how all different staff work with patients and their families to improve the quality of life, and how occupational therapy can support them to be able to do the thing that are important to them, from day-to-day routines to gardening and more.

As I come to the end of my placement here, I look forward to developing the skills I have learned here, and going forward remembering the importance of seeing each person as an individual.