This week we’re marking Hospice Care Week, which gives us the perfect opportunity to take to social media and shout about all of the fantastic work that happens here at Trinity every single day.

The word “hospice” and the work that hospices do is often misunderstood and perceptions of hospice care are not always reflective of what we really do. As you know, we provide all kinds of care and support for patients and their families, however, not everyone is aware of all of the ways Trinity supports families in our community. 

Hospice Care Week aims to dispel myths and misconceptions of hospice care but to do this we need your help!

This year's theme is #HeartMyHospice, so get on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, say, "I #HeartMyHospice!" and tell everyone about your experiences and memories. You'll be helping us to raise awareness of what hospice care is really like. 

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