Facebook: voted for by Brits as the best invention of the decade … and perhaps it is! 2.2 billion of us worldwide access Facebook, where you can re-connect with old friends, share life moments and join new communities. And now, Facebook provides a powerful opportunity to raise vital funds for charities like Trinity too.   

What’s more, it’s easy! By a few quick clicks on your own, or Trinity’s, Facebook profile, you could join the 156 people who have already raised an amazing £3,763 for our services through Facebook Giving.  

We’ve put together a simple guide that lets you know the different ways to get involved:

1. Click "Donate" on Trinity's profile page

You can donate to Trinity any time by clicking on the donate button underneath our cover photo.

This takes you directly to a donation ‘pop up’ where you can select the amount you want to give, enter your payments details and donate!

Buttons like this can also appear on Trinity’s posts and in our live videos, and are often related to special campaigns and fundraisers we might be running. You can use these in the same way by clicking and entering your details.

(Don't forget!) You can add Gift Aid to your donation when Facebook gives you this option – this doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it means the government will increase the value of your donation to Trinity by 25%) Read more about Gift Aid.   

2. Set up a Fundraiser for Trinity on your Facebook page

This function allows you to write your own story about why you might be raising money for Trinity, add photos, set a fundraising target and end date and invite your Facebook friends to donate (a bit like a Just Giving page). 

You can do this by visiting Trinity’s profile page and selecting “Fundraisers” (listed underneath the profile picture). You will then be guided through the fundraiser set up.

When this is completed it will appear on your profile page for your friends to see and make a donation.

You can donate to other people’s fundraisers too by visiting those listed under “Fundraisers” on Trinity’s page.

(Ideas!) Fundraisers can be set up at any time, but often people create them for a special occasion. So, if it’s your birthday, if you’re throwing a bake sale or BBQ, taking on a challenge for Trinity or want to remember the life of a loved one, there are plenty of ways to personalise your Facebook fundraiser.  

3. Add a donate button to your posts and live videos

When you write something on your Facebook wall, share a photo, or take a live video, you can also choose to “support a Nonprofit” by adding a donate button to your post.

Just select the “support a Nonprofit” option, search for Royal Trinity Hospice, click and share.  

This is the perfect option if you’re taking on a challenge and updating your Facebook friends on your progress with training!

Find out more about the special events and challenges Trinity is running to raise money for services.