Royal Trinity Hospice champions equality and diversity and is at the forefront of an ongoing campaign to ensure LGBT people know that hospices are here for them and their families. In 2017, Trinity and nine other London hospices established the London Hospices LGBT Network. The network has released the first edition of their newsletter, which provides an update on the work undertaken in the last 18 months to improve the inclusivity of hospice care in London.

The network was set up to develop the commitment of participating hospices to the LGBT communities they serve across the capital, and to their LGBT staff and volunteers. This was in response to the continued belief held by many LGBT people that they are not welcomed or will be treated poorly in healthcare, which can lead to poor attendance for screening, late, diagnosis, and poor outcomes. When considering end of life care, reports by the University of Nottingham, Cicely Saunders Institute, Marie Curie and others confirm that there is plenty to improve.

There is much we can do, and we believe that the additional support the network provides will benefit our staff, volunteers and patients, allowing them to turn up to work being the best they can be, and providing the excellent hospice care that we all cherish.

You can download the first edition of the London Hospices LGBT Network’s newsletter below.

Click here to download the newsletter