Every year we invite our knitters into Trinity for an afternoon of knitting, cups of tea and sandwiches. Our seasoned knitters start flying through lots of chicks, and the newbies get to make their first chicks and learn from those who have made hundreds. We chatted to some of our knitters about how they got started and why they knit for Trinity...

It’s Christine’s third year of knitting chicks for Trinity. She ran a spinning wheel group here too after her neighbour died at Trinity several years ago. Christine and the knitters she has brought along, Louisa and Yasmin, had heard nothing but good things about the care provided by Trinity and all attend the Wandsworth Friend’s Christmas Fair and summer parties every year.

Linda’s a newbie, and her first time knitting chicks is the first time she’s knitted in a while. Knitting is a skill you have got for life once you know it, however, and she says “it just comes back to you like riding a bike.” She isn’t planning on missing out though, as “all the gossip comes out at knitting groups!” Linda’s step-mum died at Trinity, and she grew up just across Clapham Common, so she’s been feeling the love for several years and is excited about getting knitting.  

Marilyn is one of our seasoned knitters. She’s been knitting for Trinity for over 7 years, after her sister died here 10 years ago. She’s such a pro; she’s got knitting a chick down to 20 minutes, and knits 365 a year. She’s already on next year’s batch! “You get a lot of help when people know it’s for charity, one friend even unwound lots of cardigans for me to provide wool for the chicks. It’s created so many balls of wool!”

Diana has been knitting for Trinity for over 10 years. She got involved through her friend Marion ten years ago. Marion had knitted with us for over a decade, but sadly died earlier this year. 

Annie started knitting for Trinity a couple of years ago, after a friend died here and she wanted to get involved in a practical way. She’s been knitting for years, and said “I started after my sister had a baby. I thought it would be a good time to practice, because babies can’t complain about rubbish knitting!”