This blog comes from Marion Homer, Retail Volunteer Manager at Trinity. 

"As Retail Volunteer Manager, I often get asked to accommodate work experience for students of different ages and nationalities, but in the new academic year I was approached by South Thames College looking to participate in an exciting new venture.

The government has recognised that a lot of our young people leave school or college poorly equipped to handle the realities of a work environment and has announced that from 2020 there will be a new qualification available called a 'T Level' that aims to have teenagers ‘work fit’ in a number of key industries. South Thames College has been selected to pilot this new qualification, which sees the students spending one day a week in work as part of their studying.

I can remember the first job I had – I didn’t know where to put my coat, what to say and do and how to develop a ‘work persona’!

We're really excited to be able to offer placements to students in 15 of our shops, and two placements in our retail head office.

The shop managers can't wait to share their expertise as retailers with the students, and to work with them, helping them understand about the world of work and all that it entails, which will also include making a decent cup of tea for them and their colleagues!

The students in our head office will get to know all about photocopiers and how to fix a paper jam, electronic filing, answering phones and so much more; as well as getting involved with our online shops on Ebay and Amazon.

Hopefully this will be the first of many cohorts and you will get to meet them in our shops soon!"

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