Patients and families celebrated Storytelling Week this week with a songwriting workshop facilitated by the alternative-folk group Tir Eolas.

A total of 8 patients and carers participated in the “Stories Sung” workshop. The theme of the event was “Winter into Spring” and the group successfully wrote their own lyrics, melody and rhythm from scratch. The animated session culminated in a group performance of their song, the lyrics of which are as follows:

The trees are bare

And hanging low

Grey pregnant skies

Continue to grow.


One last leaf that I see

Slowly falling from the tree.


The dew so clear

Great shiny spheres…


Glistening through the dark

The dark brown leaves


Bud’s burst into true colours

Reviving the hope that they give

The wash of blue, green and red


Explosions, explosions, EXPLOSIONS!!!


The event was well received by patients and carers alike. Ruari Glasheen, from band Tir Eolas, said “We had such a fantastic morning collaborating with the patients, creating a brand new song inspired by the changing seasons. The falling leaves and uncertainty of the Winter weather inspired the beginning of our piece which quickly developed into a frenzy of colours as the first buds of spring begin to explode.”


The workshop was run as part of Trinity’s Macmillan Wellbeing Programme. The Wellbeing Programme, run in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, provides a range of wellbeing activities for patients and carers which are designed to provide greater peer support, empower people to better manage their own health and to promote earlier access to hospice services.