Trinity has launched its first ever singing group, Singing From the Heart, as part of the Macmillan Wellbeing Programme. The group was founded by classically-trained volunteer Laura Collins who had seen first-hand the physical and mental benefits of music and wanted to share them with Trinity. The group is open to Trinity patients, carers and staff and meets every second Friday of the month at the hospice.

Singing From the Heart caters to a wide range of musical tastes. Each session incorporates song requests from participants so that everybody has the chance to sing their favourite songs. Requests to date have included ‘Who will buy’ from Oliver, ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely’ from My Fair Lady and an old time favourite ‘Daisy, Daisy’.

The group have even tackled more complex routines. Laura explained ‘Rounds are a good warm-up exercise because people can learn them quite quickly and when you split into two groups and sing it back together it sounds lovely, making people think “Wow - we really did this!”’

Laura decided to start Singing from the Heart because she thought it could be ‘a place for patients, carers and staff to have fun. Music and singing is proven to uplift a person. Whether somebody has cancer or a mental health issue, singing makes them feel calmer.’

She says ‘It’s so amazing what music can do. Music has the power to bring back wonderful memories and happy times in people’s lives. It has even been known to reverse the process of illnesses such as dementia, triggering memories that are able to bring a person back.’

In spite of the serious benefits, Laura is keen to make sure everyone has fun. She says ‘During the singing group we have a laugh when things go wrong. I’m not looking for Pavarotti’s here - I just want people to come along and sing from their hearts.’

Laura has been volunteering at Trinity for almost 4 years in a variety of different roles. She is a classically trained musician with experience in choral singing, dramatic shows and performing. During the singing group she is also accompanied on the piano by new volunteer Maria who studied piano for 7 years at a professional conservatory. If you would like to volunteer at Trinity, have a look at our vacancies page, or to find out how to take part in the singing group, check out our events here.