Trinity has partnered with Clothe Me Thank You, a charity whose mission is to offer relief to those facing poverty by providing free vouchers that can be redeemed in charity shops, now including Trinity’s North End Road shop.

The partnership means that any Clothe Me Thank You vouchers can now be redeemed for clothing items in our Fulham North End Road shop, where all items are £5 or less. The vouchers are provided by various food banks and charities to ensure that the basic human need for clothing is met for those who need it, by those who can provide it.

Clothe Me Thank You an initiative which provides business for one of Trinity’s charity shops, raising essential funds to allow us to keep providing skilled, compassionate care free of charge, whilst also helping those in need gain access to quality clothing.

David Brinson, Head of Retail at Royal Trinity Hospice, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Clothe Me Thank You and further increase the impact our shops are making in the local community. Clothe Me Thank You’s mission tackles an important issue, and demonstrates the impact we can have through collaborations which benefit our valued customers and community as well as raising funds for Trinity’s vital work.”  

Molly Delaney from Clothe Me Thank you, said: "We are really excited about partnering with Royal Trinity Hospice charity shops for our voucher programme. By accepting our vouchers, Trinity's North End Road shop can make their wares available to people who are in real need of clothing, and money still goes to Trinity and the amazing work they do in supporting those in need of care. We think this is powerful vision for how charities can support each other in creating a more compassionate society!" 

At Trinity, we’re fans of anything that encourages re-loving, reusing and re-wearing and helps the community at the same time. This initiative is a fantastic way of bringing together donors, charities and charity shops to help ensure that the great items in our charity shops find the homes of those who need them most.

To find out more about Clothe Me Thank you click here.