Two Trinity patients are featured a new documentary from the BBC screened this week. ‘A Time To Live’ follows a variety of people who have managed to find positives in their terminal prognosis and are making the most of the time they have left.

Trinity patients Cindy and Paulette are two of twelve patients who have taken part in this thought-provoking and uplifting film from award-winning film maker Sue Bourne. The filming includes footage of them enjoying art therapy and spending time in Trinity’s award-winning gardens.

The people featured in the film range from their 20s to their late 60s. They speak eloquently and inspiringly about what they’ve discovered really matters in life.

These remarkable testimonies challenge how we live our own lives and ask how we would face death when that time comes.

The documentary will be screened on Wednesday 17th May at 9pm. If you miss it, you can catch up on BBC iPlayer.