Please note that Trinity's Team Around the Patient pilot came to an end in November 2019. For information about our Community Services, please click here.

Royal Trinity Hospice has launched an innovative new pilot project which it hopes will transform how its patients will receive care at home.

The Team Around the Patient, or “TAP”, pilot aims to deliver patients and their families a simpler, more seamless experience of care in the place they call home thanks to a single interdisciplinary team sharing a caseload.

If successful, the piloted approach could help to future-proof Trinity’s community services as it responds to the growth and change in demand from patients requiring palliative and end of life care at home.

Eighty per cent of patients who receive care from Trinity are cared for in the place they call home, (including private residences, care homes, sheltered accommodation and prisons) rather than in the hospice’s inpatient unit. Last year, Trinity cared for over 1,800 patients in the community across its south west and central London catchment.

The new TAP project will pilot an integrated team approach to those community patients living in Trinity’s Kensington and Chelsea catchment. Professionals including clinical nurse specialists, a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker/counsellor and care coordinator will operate a single shared caseload with a view to driving efficiency and quality.

Dallas Pounds, CEO at Trinity said: “We know that people are living longer, and with that comes more complex care needs. We also know that the funds we receive from the NHS – which account for less than a quarter of the annual cost of running Trinity - will not change despite this additional pressure on our services. It’s important therefore for us to be future-minded and develop a new approach that will enable us to accommodate this anticipated change in our patients’ needs and growth in demand.

“At a time in their lives when patients and their families are facing significant physical, emotional and practical challenges and change in their lives, it is vital to us that their experience of our care is as smooth and positive as possible. We need to find ways of having a bigger impact with the same resources and not compromising on quality. We believe the TAP pilot will help us achieve this.”

The TAP pilot project will operate in Trinity’s catchment in the south of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea until July 2019.