On Friday 9 September Trinity held its first Jail Bail fundraising event, where willing supporters were arrested and charged with fictitious crimes by Clapham Town police force – and only released when they raised enough bail money from their connections!

This year’s participants included Jeremy Keates from Clapham BID and Keith Hutton from Carillion Battersea, as well as our own Chief Executive Dallas Pounds and Chairman Derek Wyatt.

Clapham Town police force were on hand throughout the day to arrest the troublesome prisoners, with the help of their mobile police van and Bruno, the police dog. After all his work, Bruno also visited a number of patients on our Inpatient Centre.

So far, the event has raised nearly £4,000, which will help us continue providing skilled, compassionate end of life care for our local community.

Trinity would like to thank everyone who took part and especially Clapham Town police force and Bruno.