We offer the following services:

Arts therapy: an opportunity to use creative arts to explore some of the difficult emotional issues associated with a life-limiting diagnosis.

Befriending: volunteers who visit patients regularly for tea, a chat and company.

Benefits and legal advice: guidance on what benefits you or your family may be entitled to, and how to plan for the future with Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Bereavement support: counselling for family and friends of patients who have died under Trinity's care.

Complementary therapy: a range of different therapies to help patients manage stress, anxiety and pain, including aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and Reiki.

Emotional Support/Counselling:  our team of specialist clinical social workers, counsellors, and volunteers provide emotional support and counselling to you and/or your family on any issue that is bothering you

Hairdresser: our hairdresser provides haircuts and basic hairdressing services to patients, family and friends at Trinity.

Medical care: doctors who specialise in palliative care look after inpatients and those at home.

Nursing: specialist palliative care nurses care for patients at the hospice, work in the community to look after people at home and see people on an outpatient basis.  They are supported by a team of healthcare assistants who work in our wards helping patients with washing, dressing and other personal tasks.

Occupational therapy: our occupational therapists provide equipment and support to enable patients to live independently for longer either at home or as inpatients in the hospice.

Patient transport: we provide transport for patients visiting the hospice for outpatient appointments and support groups.

Pharmacy: our pharmacy team work on our inpatient unit and will work with the doctors and nursing team to ensure you have the right medications you need, while you stay with us, and when you leave.

our physios will keep you mobile and active for longer - they work with patients in groups or individually in the hospice, either outpatient or inpatients.

Spiritual care: for those of any faith, or none, and those who want to discuss life's meaning when facing death, our spiritual care lead and volunteers are available to all patients.

Support groups via our Wellbeing Programme: our outpatient Wellbeing Programme enables people with similar issues to meet and chat in a relaxed friendly environment.

Welfare and benefits advice: we can provide advice and help in relation to financial or practical matters. This could include advice on how to access the right benefits, support with housing and debt issues or information about writing a Will.