Alan has been an outpatient at Trinity for over two years. Here he shares his experience of the hospice, and why he looks forward to visiting:

"My name is Alan and I’m an outpatient at Trinity. I’ve been living in the area for about six years now. I get transport into Trinity every Tuesday for the seated exercise physiotherapy class.

It was my district nurse who referred me to Trinity, and the physio class, because I had fluid building on my knees. The classes have helped, and it’s all dried up now. My legs are still swollen but I’ve got a little wheeler so I can get about with that.  

I used to come to the patient liaison group too, but my carer comes on a different day now so I had to cancel that.

Before then I had time off because a new lift was being fitted in my building, so I couldn’t get out at all and I was in my room for three months.

But now that’s fixed I’m so glad I can get out and down to my garden, and the physio class at Trinity has helped to cheer me up mentally. I just like being there and meeting new people and having fun! If it wasn’t for Trinity things would be just like they were before, just sitting in my room without getting around. That’s what’s cheered me up a lot – looking forward to Tuesdays!

When I attended the patient liaison group everybody was so cheerful at the meetings too. People talk about themselves and they’re not frightened.

If somebody was being referred to Trinity for the first time, I would say don’t be scared.

One time when I was sat in the café at Trinity a lady came in and it was her first day here. She had cancer. We got talking and I told her all about what happens here, that she’d be well looked after and that there’s no need to worry about anything. 

Trinity will do it all for you.


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