Amy is a volunteer counsellor in Trinity’s Patient and Family Support team. After seeing the incredible care and support Trinity provides every day, she has signed up to run the Seaford Half Marathon to raise the vital funds we need to continue providing this care to those who need us.

“I’ve been volunteering as a counsellor at Royal Trinity Hospice this year as part of my counselling training. Responses I often receive when I mention the hospice include: “Oh god, that must be so hard,” “I couldn’t do that” and “that must be so morbid.” Whilst it certainly is challenging work, the hospice is without question the most positive, uplifting, beautiful place I have ever worked.

I had also thought it would be quite a dark, quiet melancholy place. But while there are definitely peaceful, private corners visitors can escape to if needed, what you are actually faced with is a bright, positive, warm space full of love and understanding. I remember sitting waiting for my interview in the reception area and thinking “this place is really special”. 

I’ve found that Trinity is all about life and living it. You will be warmly greeted with a smile from the receptionist and everyone you come into contact with, the cafe staff, doctors, porters, office workers, will make you feel welcome and cared for. The gardens are beautifully kept and the pond is teeming with life. The cake is delicious, the nurses are wonderful and the sofas are comfy. You will feel how special it is as soon as you walk through the door. 

It is almost impossible to put into words the difference Trinity makes to patients and their families and friends. At the worst possible time, Trinity scoops people up and shows them kindness, respect, understanding and true care.

I have heard many family members say that they “don’t know what they would have done” without Trinity.  They really listen and do everything they can to help. They just get it. 

Volunteering at Trinity has been a total privilege and whatever I can do to help them continue the hugely important work they do I will make sure I do it. I hadn’t realised they are only 25% funded by the NHS and have to raise the over £11 million by themselves every year. 

I think people often consider doing a long run and then start thinking what charity to run for. For me, it was the other way around, I sat down and thought “what can I do to help raise money for Trinity?” and settled on a half marathon. 

I have run one once before, a few years ago now. I’m by no means a “runner” - I have terrible crunchy knees and I really don’t enjoy a run like some people claim to. Surely they’d still rather be sitting eating cake deep down?!

But my team in Patient and Family Support are so incredibly kind and encouraging, and at every level in the organisation there are volunteers, right up to the top. That makes for a very special environment, and I want to do my tiny part in ensuring it carries on for as long as possible, because when people are at the end of their lives, the last thing they and their loved ones should be worrying about is money.

Trinity is amazing, so please help me and my rubbish knees raise money for it to continue a long time into the future.” 

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