Hi, I'm Dawn. My daughter Lindsey tragically died towards the end of 2018, leaving me to care for my 10-year old grandson, Cameron. Cameron is a lively and strong-willed little boy who, as I’m sure you can imagine, was hit very hard by the death of his mother. We both were.

A weight was lifted

The day came and Cameron went for the group session with the other kids and I was with the parents and carers. At first it felt as if none of us wanted to be here. I remember thinking ‘...what have I let myself in for?’ After a period of silence, I just said ‘my name’s Dawn. I lost my daughter,’ and then I was talking. I closed my eyes and told them the whole story, of Lindsey, Cameron, and me. It felt like I was talking for ages and I cried. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that we were all crying, just sobbing our hearts out.
They could all relate to my story, and then someone else would share theirs. By the end you were crying for them, you were crying for yourself, crying for their kids, crying for yours, it was amazing. A weight was lifted. I couldn’t wait to come back every single week.

We could talk about Lindsey again

The group did wonders for Cameron. Before Kaleidoscope he really struggled to talk about his mother, look at any photographs of her, or share how he was feeling. We had to remove any pictures of her from the house. During Kaleidoscope, Cameron brought photos of Lindsey in with him and used them to create a memory box for her, filled with special items and memories. It was a real turning point for him, he can talk about her again since the group, about the happy times we both had with her, and the photographs went back up in the house.

I’m supporting this appeal on behalf of Lindsey and Cameron as I’ve experienced the benefits of Trinity’s care. Groups like Kaleidoscope are vital for families like mine, but Trinity needs to fundraise in order to keep them going. Please support our appeal.

Thank you 

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