After my time at Trinity, I also feel safer moving forward with my diagnosis because I am no longer as afraid of dying. 

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My name is Emma, I am a 39 year old mother to Edo age 6 and Beatrice age 7, and wife to Hugo. 

In April 2022 our world was completely shattered when I was diagnosed with incurable stage 4 EGFR Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Unbelievably, thanks to targeted treatment from the incredible team at the Royal Marsden Hospital, led by my "Super Prof Popat", I was able to complete the London Marathon a year later!

However, cancer is a cunning opponent. New symptoms emerged that left me in such excruciating pain that I was barely able to function. It was at that time that Trinity stepped in to provide a different kind of care: specialist palliative care. 

First, I received the care of the fantastic Community Nursing team, coming out regularly to administer anti-sickness and pain medication, all to try to keep me comfortable.

I was five and a half stone, I could barely walk, I couldn’t see or hear properly. I was vomiting constantly, and I was in pain with unrelenting migraines and body pains. By then, I was no longer a mother or a wife, and my husband had to admit that he could no longer look after me at home.


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After spending time with the lovely Dr Amy, I decided to move to the hospice, and it was then that my world changed.

At the hospice I received the care that I had needed. I had help washing, help getting dressed and within 24 hours I was experiencing 10 minutes at a time without pain or sickness, and that eventually became all the time.

The incredible nurses managed to give me comfort and I was eventually strong enough to undergo a new cancer treatment at the Royal Marsden after which things suddenly changed. One morning I woke up and I could see better, another day the dizziness relented, and I could sit up and walk again.

I will never forget my daughter’s face when she walked into my room, and I was sitting up. 

Trinity helped and continues to help in many more ways. The hospice was an inviting environment for my children and my friends to visit me and I know all of them felt more relaxed seeing that I was being so well looked after. 

We had support navigating this time with the children, which we were so grateful for. I continue to be put through my paces by the Trinity Physiotherapy team thanks to whom I am making amazing progress week on week. I am finally having counselling to address how much has really happened and the doctors continue to manage my supporting medications.

My understanding of specialist palliative care holds a very different meaning to me and my family now. Rather than it being connected with the end of life, it has given me life again and I will be forever grateful. 

Thanks to Trinity, I also feel safer moving forward with my diagnosis because I am no longer as afraid of dying. 

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Emma - Trinity Patient

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