James and his team recognise that as well as providing a vital nutritional benefit, the food we eat means much more than that and can bring a real boost and happiness to patients and their families facing the end of life.

Here at Trinity our meals are as personalised as our care and this is why we think James and his team are so fantastic – because, on a daily basis they go above and beyond what is required of them. They have swiftly turned around a two-tiered wedding cake, for a patient who got married in the hospice at very short notice. Whether it’s a Halal, gluten free or vegan diet, James caters to every patient’s needs, at any time of day. He has even cooked meals including calamari, lobster and suckling pig at the request of patients who wanted to eat their favourite dish just one last time.

"James spoke to Mum in a way that made me feel that he was allowing Mum to take control. This must have been important to her as she was aware those were her last days. During her stay James tried so hard to find something that Mum would really like to eat. He made her feel that making her dinner was the most important thing that he was doing that day.”  Sameena

James prepares three meals a day for up to 28 patients staying in the inpatient unit. His menu evolves throughout the seasons, using home-grown herbs and fruit from our award-winning gardens.

Please give all you can to help support James and his team, so that they can continue to provide this vital service for our patients and their families.