On 19 May 2018, Barnaby and his cousin Harry took on the Tooting Aquathlon for Trinity. The event is held at the Tooting Bec Lido, which is the largest freshwater swimming pool in the UK and saw Barnaby and Harry join the other participants for an 810m swim followed by a 7.3km run around Tooting Common.

Barnaby told us what made him decide to tackle such a big challenge and why he is fundraising for Trinity.

In 2014, Harry and I lost an uncle and a father to a tough battle with cancer. It was something that affected the whole family and everyone whose life my dad touched. 

Nothing can prepare you for losing someone you love but Trinity was there from start to finish, from making dad the most comfortable he could be in his last few days to comforting all of us who were involved in the traumatic experience.

That time was honestly one of the toughest yet rewarding experiences of my life. It was obviously tough because of what my family and I were going through, but at the same time I found Trinity to be a place of tranquillity and peace and there is nowhere else I’d rather have been.

The first time I visited I didn’t know what to expect but Trinity soon became a second home for my family. The nurses were incredible at making us feel welcome and they made it feel like a safe place. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. Everyday their skilled, compassionate end of life care helps patients, and their families and carers, to live every moment.

Things would have been very different for us if it weren’t for Trinity. I don’t think I could have been as much at peace as I was if it wasn’t for them and dad being there.

Emotionally, the nurses at Trinity kept my family intact.

It’s never nice to look back at the horrible time we were going through, but at the same time, I think of the nurses who were there for us all and it brings me joy. They were the best I’ve experienced. It was all just so personal. They really took care of my dad and for that, I am truly thankful. It’s unbelievable to think of the amazing work they do, day in, day out.

Following the success of past fundraising challenges that my brother Niall has arranged in aid of Trinity, I wanted to do my bit and continue his success. We’ve already surpassed our initial fundraising goal twice by raising over £600, so we’re aiming to beat our goal for a third time before the event kicks off. I said to myself this year that I wanted to do more things for charity and I aim to do exactly that with a couple more events in the pipeline!

We plan on doing more challenges over the next year and for years to come, but the Aquathlon is the first challenge we’ll be tackling. Neither of us is particularly good at either running or swimming but we will be ready - the training is pretty solid at the moment and I feel well on track to be quite competitive in the Aquathlon, although I didn’t realise quite how hard long-distant swimming is!

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