‘I’m so grateful for Trinity! It’s wonderful spending time with Moira because we’re both interested to hear each other’s points of view’ – Florence 

Florence lives in Putney. Still looking fantastic at 97 years old (98 in in a few months time), Florence had a long working life, retiring at 63 years old from being a civil servant to the Treasury.

Florence was referred to the Trinity by her GP. One day she received a call from Trinity telling her about the service and then the Befriending Service Project Coordinator arranged to meet Florence in her home to get to know her a little better. Shortly after their meeting, Florence was introduced to Moira.

‘We were matched because of our common interest in travelling. They thought we would get on well but I think Florence would get on well with anyone!’ says Moira.

Moira, 29, has been a professional Headhunter in London for 6 years. She takes time out from her hectic day job to visit Florence in her home once a week. Moira has been volunteering for the Befriending Service for about 3 years now and used to visit another patient before she was matched with Florence.

She tells us, ‘It’s such a great service. I think we should have it everywhere!

When Moira first became involved with the service and came to visit the hospice for training, she was shocked at how different it was to what she had expected.
  She explained ‘It’s such a happy place. It’s so calm and relaxed, the décor is bright and colourful and the gardens are absolutely beautiful. It’s not like a hospital at all.’

Florence and Moira have clearly built a wonderful friendship. Florence talks of what a difference their friendship has made to her. She says, ‘I was quite lonely before Moira started coming to visit. Most of my friends have passed away’. 

The pair regularly keep in touch by email and when Moira recently went away to San Francisco for work, they even stayed in touch via facetime since Florence has her own ipad!

Moira tells us that Florence herself has always done a lot to help other people. Florence spent a lot of time throughout her working career caring for a family friend in her spare time. When asked about it, Florence said ‘It’s good to help other people – that’s what life’s about’.