Charlotte climbed the tallest mountain in the UK for Trinity in August 2018. Here, she tells us why.

"I had never been to Trinity before my mother went there and when we arrived it was a complete relief. It is smart, clean, comfortable and safe.

To know that there were smiling nurses outside would put your mind at rest, and to think that this private room with a view over the award-winning garden was all for free was mind-boggling.

Hospitals are always quite draining places, I remember hearing the new born babies crying from my mother’s room as she lay there with her swollen feet. But when we moved to the hospice it was silent, and we felt like we were the only ones there. There, we had the opportunity to properly consider next steps, such as what would be the best appliances to be fitted to our house when our mother arrived home. However, when the situation deteriorated we realised right then that the one and only place my mother could be was at Trinity, coming home was no longer an option; my sister and I would not have been able to care for her sufficiently.

I decided to take on the Ben Nevis trek for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to give back in some small way to Trinity and the exceptional care they gave my mother. Secondly, the idea of climbing the tallest mountain in Britain sounded really exciting! The journey up to Scotland, the views along the walk up and the rewarding feeling one must experience when reaching the top. Furthermore, the incentive to do more exercise made it all the more of an attractive prospect.

The fundraising went surprisingly well, personally it’s not something I had braved to do before but the process has made me realise how generous people can be and if anything it a way of friends and family to show they believe in the cause and in my being able to complete the challenge. Lets hope I prove them right!

Motivating me to be able to complete the challenge and raise as much as I can, is the reminder that I am in a position where I am fully able to do this.

At the moment I work part-time so had a lot more headspace to put aside to fundraising. I also enjoyed the creative side of this venture, making it my own somehow, rather than a prescribed formula that other fundraisers have followed before. For example, I managed to organise a successful bake sale with the help of amazing friends. We set up a stall in a market in Hackney, offering a range of delicious, homemade baked goods, some donated by pastry chefs of local restaurants and there were even vegan options.

We were so lucky to have the option of Royal Trinity Hospice for our mother.

Since her passing away we have still felt welcome to the gardens and the counselling facilities that they offer.

We understand now why the place itself continues to be a respected place by all those who have a connection to it as it will continue to be for me, for many years to come."

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