Remembering her dad on his birthday, Doodie Sharma, Deborah was inspired to write this poem in his memory and express how Trinity became a place very close to his heart. 

In losing you, my broken heart pined,
I struggled to calm my distraught mind.
I craved to honour your earthly beauty,
I yearned to fulfil this daughterly duty.

The Hospice gifted you such delight,
They helped you gain such deep insight.
Through meditation you found restful peace,
Creating art work you expressed release.

From relaxing serenely in lush Hospice grounds,
To trips to Kew Gardens where nature abounds.
In supportive friends you found compassion,
True understanding in empathetic fashion.

Then presented with a living tribute,
to which I would eagerly contribute.
To the privilege of the memory tree,
Such an uplifting chance for me.

To donate from my deeply humbled heart,
To the loving Hospice of which you were part,
To honour a place that shone as a haven of hope,
Inspiring you with words and smiles to cope.

Thus, I bestowed your precious name,
To it’s luminous, vibrant frame,
Of proud plaques as leaves of love,
Celebrating your shining smile from above.

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