It is natural for you to experience a range of emotions and coping with the stress and uncertainty of your situation can be difficult.  You may be left feeling anxious and worried about how you are going to cope.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to your family and friends about your feelings and you may find it helpful to talk to someone trained to listen and respond to your needs.  

Our team of social workers and counsellors are here to support you and can help you explore the issues troubling you. This might include things like the effects of your illness and treatment, difficulties at home and at work, and coping with loss and change.

Some people find that their stress and pain can be reduced through complementary therapy.  We have a team of specialists in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and Reiki available.

We also run a range of activities to help you relax and reduce anxiety, including a relaxation group, Feel Good Days, yoga and an arts studio.

This support is also available to your family and friends