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Walk times

Below you will find your check-in and walk times for the 2, 5 and 8 mile walks.

Please be aware that all walkers must arrive half an hour prior to their walk time to check-in. At check-in, you will collect your t-shirt, map and other essential walk information. 

8 mile walk
Check-in time: 10:15 am
Walk time: 10:45 am

5 mile walk
Check-in time: 11:00 am
Walk time: 11:30 am

2 mile walk
Check- in time: 12:00 pm
Walk time: 12:30 pm

Walk maps

You can find the maps for our 2, 5, and 8 mile walks below. Copies of the map will be provided at the event and the routes will be signposted and marshalled. 

2 mile walk map - Download PDF  5 mile walk map - Download PDF 8 mile walk map - Download PDF 

Trek to Trinity 

If you have chosen Trek to Trinity, we encourage you walk to Trinity in time for our Fun Day. 

We advise using Google Maps app as a sat-nav to help with navigating to Trinity during your trek.

About the Fun Day

When you reach the finish line you will be given a medal that you can show off to your friends.

Make your way into Trinity’s gardens where our Fun Day will take place. Please keep your Trinity t-shirt on as this will show our staff and volunteers that you are entitled to entry. The Fun Day will feature a bouncy castle, BBQ, face painting, magic shows, live music, and perhaps most importantly, a licensed bar.

All walkers are invited to join us for an afternoon of fun in our award-winning gardens.

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