Freddy's mother Emma was cared for at Trinity last year. In April 2018, Freddy took on the Rome Marathon in her memory, and to raise funds for Trinity. He spoke to us whilst he was training about why he chose to take on such a huge challenge.

"Before I came to Trinity, my entirely unfounded and cynical view was that the hospice would be a dark Victorian building with small windows and high ceilings. I expected rooms shared with 20 other people and crumbling walls.

I couldn't have been much further from the truth!

My preconceptions were obviously totally wrong, the rooms were incredibly bright and clean and private. My mother really loved her room and enjoyed going out into the garden when possible. 

My mother was an inpatient at Trinity for about 2 months before she passed away. She was amazed at how kind and caring everyone was but most of all how calm and bright the atmosphere was. The staff’s commitment to her wellbeing was great; they even let her dog visit and got camp beds so me and my sisters could share her room for several nights towards the end.

By that time it had become our second home, we were spending all of our time there.

If it weren’t for Trinity and my mother had stayed at home during that time, she would have had a much less comfortable time. I’m so glad we didn’t have to cope without Trinity’s 24/7 expert care and facilities like the bed that meant she could sit up and the jacuzzi which massively contributed to her wellbeing.

More than anything, Trinity gave us reassurance – when you’re there you know that if something happens, you’re in the best possible place. I think that made her a lot more relaxed about her condition too. 

One month today, I’ll be taking on the Rome Marathon for Trinity. The training so far has been up and down, I injured my knee playing football a few weeks ago so had to rest for a bit. Plus, the weather got so bad recently that a run started losing its appeal - running in temperatures of -2 with a strong Siberian wind just isn't really what anyone wants! But apart from that, everything has been perfectly fine and I’m motivated by the thought of giving something small back. So far, I’ve managed to raise over £850 for Trinity which is more than double my original £400 target!       

For me personally, Trinity has been fantastic.

Not only making me feel welcome and keeping me informed while my mother was a patient but also because of the support I received through Art Therapy and bereavement counselling. They helped me find a way of understanding and coping with the grieving process and for that I am incredibly grateful." 

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