Christina Barkes Mummy thinks that it would be a good idea to try to raise some money for our local hospice. It is along the road from us and where Ottie does Brownies but some of our friends have had to visit for much sadder reasons.

We are hoping to raise some money for them. On Sunday (probably in the rain) we are walking 5 miles after breakfast. Its not a marathon but we have been training, sort of, and we think it is quite far enough.........!

We are trying to raise £50 so if you fancy sponsoring us that would be epic!

Love Ollie and Ottie x

Trinity is here to provide skilled, compassionate care, free of charge, to patients with progressive, life-limiting illnesses and those close to them. They are dedicated to helping those at the end of their lives to live every moment.

Every year, they are there for 2,500 patients and their families across central and south west London. Every year, Trinity must raise around £11 million to supplement funding from the NHS, which accounts for just one quarter of their annual income.

Thank you for your support. Christina Barkes