Donate in memory

Remembering someone special

By supporting Royal Trinity Hospice in memory of someone special, you can make a huge difference to others who need our care and support in the future. Donations like yours help us deliver first-class care, completely free of charge and help us be there for the next family who needs us.

Your in-memory donation is a thoughtful way to celebrate someone special while helping us to be there for the next family who need our vital services. It means we can continue to go above and beyond to help our patients and their loved ones make the most of every moment they have left.

When the pandemic hit, all major events were immediately cancelled. For us, this meant losing vital streams of income from big events like the London Marathon and our annual Family Walk and Fun Day overnight. Last year, it cost £16 million to run Trinity, so every penny these events raise really does matter.

With the success of events like the 2.6 Challenge raising £11,000 in 24 hours, we quickly learnt how easy it is to fundraise from home and so many of you are getting involved. If you want to support Trinity and fundraise from home, check out our ideas, our Five steps to success and printable resources below.

Get active

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Why not challenge yourself and keep active at the same time? There’s no limit to what you can do.

Set up a JustGiving page and share your challenge with friends and family to collect donations and sponsorship. Here are a few challenge ideas:

  • Sign up for one of our challenge events or create your own running challenge
  • Challenge yourself to walk or cycle the same distance from your house to Trinity!
  • Challenge yourself to complete a set amount of hours gardening over a week or month. Our head gardener and garden volunteers work hard to keep Trinity's 2 acre gardens looking so beautiful!

Our top tip: Why not use the Strava app when creating your own race and decide what distance would be the best challenge for you. This doesn’t have to be done in one go, you could spread it over a week or even a month!

Get your friends and family involved

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Virtual events are a great way to bring family, friends and the community together. With platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Live and FaceTime, multiple people can join together and take part in an interactive event or class.

Set up a JustGiving page and encourage your participants to donate an ‘entry fee’ to take part in your event!

Example includes:

  • Quizzes
  • Cooking classes
  • Coffee and cake mornings
  • Bingo nights
  • Dance and exercise groups
  • Book clubs
  • Movie nights
  • Live music performances


Our top tip: Why not hold your virtual event every week to bring your friends and family together more regularly and raise even more for Trinity?

Organise a virtual collection - simple but effective!

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Organising a virtual collection is a really simple way to raise money for Trinity.

Set up a JustGiving page and share it with your friends and family through your social media platforms and email.

Our top tip: Why not encourage people to donate their monthly commute or weekly coffee spending? You can also create a birthday fundraiser to give back to Trinity on your special day.

Five steps to success

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1. Personalise your JustGiving page - add a photo, a target and fundraising story to let people know why you are supporting Trinity. Last year, people fundraising for Trinity on Facebook who added their own words and photo to their fundraiser raised 200% more on average than those who didn't.

2. Share and share again. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email to share your hard work. Make sure to get creative with your posts!

3. Tag Trinity – make sure you tag us along the way on social media so we can share it too.

4. Boost your target – once you get close to reaching your goal, why not increase the target to encourage more donations?

5. Thank people - saying thank you is important - you can update your page to thank everyone at once or send out personal thanks to let people know how much you appreciate their donations.

Printable resources

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If you have any questions or want to talk through your ideas with us, please email [email protected] or call 020 7787 3226 to speak to our Fundraising Team.

Other ways to fundraise in memory

Take on a challenge Funeral collections

create a tribute fund