We spoke to Gita moments before chef Vivek Singh came to pay a special visit to her mum Shanta on her 88th birthday and cook her a delicious meal and birthday cake. 


“My mum Shanta is a great cook and she’s always loved food. Over the years her health and mobility have deteriorated – in December 2017 she was diagnosed with duodenal cancer and she stopped eating and drinking altogether.

At first we weren’t sure what to expect, the doctors said one thing and others said another. It has been a tough journey and mum has been very sick. But now, she’s improved to be able to enjoy food again! She can’t cook herself, but she tells us how.

We used to watch Saturday Kitchen together and she always loved celebrity chef Vivek Singh. So with the coming of mum's 88th birthday I thought: 'I’ll write to him'.

I wrote a hand-written letter explaining that it was a special birthday for mum that we didn't think we'd be able to celebrate, and would he do the honour of coming to cook for her?

He rang me up last week saying yes he’d love to come and would bring a cake and cook!

It’s going to be an incredible moment. I always try to capture special times with mum and today will be absolutely phenomenal and an amazing experience to remember forever.  

Joel is mum’s Trinity nurse and he’s absolutely brilliant. He’s always at the other end of the phone to help with queries and give advice. Between him, my family and mum’s carers, we are doing our upmost to keep mum going.

We're so grateful to have every day with mum because she was initially given a prognosis of weeks. We are so delighted that we could make such a special moment for her on her birthday.”

 shanta birthday 

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