Trinity Head Chef James and his team, prepare Christmas dinner every year. Hear more from him about the work that goes into it and why he enjoys creating these heart-warming meals for patients staying on our inpatient unit.

“Preparing the Christmas meal is a nice challenge, it's good to do something different and special. Working on Christmas day may seem like a hardship to some, but at Trinity it's a nice atmosphere to be in. 

We have options for everyone depending on what they fancy and we always try to cater to different people's tastes and dietary requirements. Other than the planned preparation work we do, we are very flexible and responsive to patients’ requests and needs.

"We always try our best to fulfil our patients’ desires, be it some special dish from their childhood or another country, lobster, or even a wedding cake, we will find ways to make it happen for them."

We are also open to people bringing in their own dish to complement the Christmas meal, for example, someone brought a South Indian rice dish at the Christmas meal last year and this adds to making it as homely as possible for the patients and their families.

The preparation for our Christmas meal begins from 7am, starting with putting the turkey in the oven of course. It is a very busy kitchen throughout the whole morning and at any moment, there is a task at hand. Although 7am-1pm may seem like there is plenty of time to prepare, ensuring that all the food is ready, tasty and served warm requires some juggling and good management.

I see it as an important part of our role, making this occasion as joyful as possible when people could be going through some difficult times, and some of them spending their last Christmas here." 

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