'The classes I attend give me a weekly focus. They allow me to set targets and feel fitter.'

Formerly a Royal Marine, Jeremy was first diagnosed with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) twenty years ago. He says 'I was diagnosed by my doctor and since then my treatment has steadily increased. The first sign that something was wrong was when my lung collapsed in 1985.' Jeremy’s right lung collapsed first and then 18 months later his left lung collapsed. This prompted two emergency operations, from which Jeremy recovered well and then had to quickly learn to adapt to his condition.

Jeremy believes his condition has occurred partly due to genetics and partly because he used to smoke. 'The main symptom of COPD I have today is a feeling of breathlessness' he says.

Jeremy did not wait for his GP to refer him to Trinity. He found out about our services by chance after his wife, who walks her dog locally on Clapham Common, was talking to another dog walker who mentioned the services Trinity has to offer. He then called Trinity to find out more and Trinity in turn got in touch with his GP so that he could be referred to the hospice. Jeremy says 'It was a quick process between me getting in touch and Trinity contacting my GP to make a referral. I have now been using Trinity’s services for 9 months.'

Jeremy attends a weekly exercise class at Trinity every Friday. He takes part in mainly cycling, walking and balancing exercises and uses the techniques and exercises he learns to keep fit at home. He also benefits from the social aspect of coming to the hospice, 'The classes are also a good way to meet people and to compare notes.'

Not a stranger to Trinity, Jeremy has attended many of Trinity’s events including the annual Christmas fairs and garden parties. He is now also a member of Trinity’s Patient Liaison Group. Jeremy has always known what Trinity is all about and what a great place it is to visit. 'That’s why I was keen to get in here' he says.