Joseph will be running the London Marathon in memory of his mother, Lynne, and he shared his experience of Trinity and why it is such a special place for him and his family. He will also be holding a fundraising event this March at the White Lion Pub.

“Having spent a few months around Trinity while my mother was here, it is quite hard to sum up what makes it so special. In fact, it is simply everything; from being greeted warmly at the reception to everywhere around the hospice, the doctors, the nurses, and all the care and support throughout - there was just so much to it.

What makes Trinity so different is that they are always accommodating to our needs, be it in terms of medications or family visits, they were always able to make it work for us. They even accommodated to having a very big group - 15 of us family members around!

I remember the first time when I stepped into Trinity, I was absolutely blown away by the surroundings and the building. I did not have any expectations of a hospice but when we came here with my mother, it just felt like the right place for her to be cared for; and it was definitely an uplifting space to be in. Also, the fact that a place of such beauty was on our doorstep and we'd never seen it or realised it was there.

We were all really relieved for her to be at Trinity. As much as she wanted to stay at home, it was not feasible and manageable for us. By that time, after battling through several arduous treatments for her cancer without much success, we were dawned with the fact that she was not going to make it until the end of the year.  We were introduced through The Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea to Royal Trinity Hospice and I cannot imagine what it would have been like without Trinity. I don’t even want to think about it; it would have been very very bad. The staff at Trinity have really helped to take the pressure off us so we could focus on enjoying the last few months with her.   

We have some good memories of the time spent here, such as watching the World Cup with my parents, listening to some of her favourite music in the wards, and not to mention my parents even had their wedding vows renewed here! My mother has always been a character of great strength and positivity. Even towards the end, she tried to enjoy herself and live those moments; and Trinity provided the comfort and dignity that allowed her to do so. I remember the times when my mother even tried to dance while she was in her bed, and the nurses were dancing around her as well.

Trinity is somewhere I will always cherish with all my heart, and all the wonderful people there. I have never met such incredible, selfless and giving people in my life. Even as someone who works in the emergency services I absolutely take my hat off to the nurses and doctors who work there. My family and I could not have come through the experience of losing such a pillar of our family without them.

They gave my family something I never thought could be given in such a horrific time of our lives; peace. And that is why I am running the London Marathon 2020 for Trinity and doing all I can to help raise funds for them.

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