"My name is Justin, I live in Putney and I have been a befriending volunteer at Trinity for about 8 months now. I am also fortunate to have a job as a photographer, writer and marketing consultant that I love, and do alongside my volunteering.

I tend to travel around London on my bike, and as a result I had often passed Trinity on the Common. I had always been curious about it, and in the last few years have developed a deep desire to contribute to my community. This, along with having a girlfriend who works as an A+E doctor, inspired me to volunteer.

In my role, I visit Tom on a Friday afternoon.  

I cycle over to his house, where he lives with his wife, daughter and her family. I often help with his online shopping and together we walk down to the local supermarket. Some days his legs work and others they don’t.

Regardless, he offers wisdom with every step! He is relentlessly positive and endlessly curious and I find him a true inspiration.

On one of our walks, Tom (who’s passionate about horse racing) decided to leap over a puddle - I was taken by complete surprise and managed to catch him! We still laugh about it.

When I visit we often talk business, and Tom has instilled in me the need to look for ways to help others. He asks me: “How will that add value?” – a line that that can be applied to life and business, and sticks in my mind.

My favourite thing about volunteering at Trinity is the sense of giving back in a small way. Like many things in life it’s easy to delay and wait for the perfect conditions, but I would say, if you can, volunteer now!

Volunteering can inspire a greater life, and is an amazing way to help others.

If you, like Justin, feel motivated to support patients and families at Trinity as a volunteer have a look at our current volunteer roles.

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