Kate is a GP in Wandsworth and has been the Clinical Lead for end of life care since April 2018, working closely with Trinity and our Wandsworth End of Life Care Coordination Service. She tells us about her connection with Trinity, and why she’s running the marathon for us this year.

“I’d always been aware of Trinity and how fantastic it is, but I became much more involved when I started as Clinical Lead for end of life care last year. I’m really keen on improving awareness of end of life care in Wandsworth, especially the fact that it’s also for patients who don’t have cancer (a common misconception of hospice care!)

Last year I turned 50, and I’d wanted to run a marathon for a while so I thought it was probably the right time to give it a proper go.  I spoke to Martin Powell, Director of Patient Services at Trinity, about running one for Trinity, he put me in touch with fundraising and it was a go from there.

I decided to raise money for Trinity because, in all honesty, I just think it’s a fabulous place. I’ve been referring patients to Trinity since 2001 and I can’t think of one who has come back with anything negative to say.

I see a noticeable difference after I’ve referred a patient to Trinity, and they always comment on how supported they feel. In particular I always notice how my patients, and especially their families, talk about having a much more positive experience of death and dying.

Patients are never rushed at Trinity, there is always time to talk and be heard. The team at Trinity have a truly holistic way of treating the patient; they are always treated as a whole person rather than a diagnosis. That is universal with all those who experience Trinity.

As a GP, it’s easy to forget that Trinity is a charity. We access their services in the same way we do any others, and receive exactly the same response and service even though it’s all being provided free of charge.

I don’t just want to fundraise for Trinity; I also want to raise awareness about the fact that Trinity needs us to fundraise. How else will they keep providing their fantastic service to everyone who needs it?

My training is going pretty well so far! I’m trying to run 3-4 times a week, but I’m also swimming and I’m going to start cycling to work and back. I’m going to Sri Lanka for my husband’s 50th not long before the marathon, so I feel that if I can run in that heat then I can definitely manage in London! It’ll be good practice in case it’s as hot as last year.

I’m excited to really kick off my fundraising – I’ve just got a Twitter account so I can tweet out asking for support and I’m going to pester everyone I know about how great Trinity is to get the donations rolling in. Battersea Healthcare where I am Clinical Lead for end of life care has also kindly sponsored me.  I’ve had amazing support from patients and colleagues in my day to day GP role at Elborough Street Surgery too.

There’s nothing to motivate you like doing it for something bigger than yourself.

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