Sue shares the story of her beloved sister Kath and her time at Trinity.

"Kath was the eldest of five brothers and sisters, and with her twelve year-old son Max and husband Steve, she was never far away from our family, physically or emotionally. She was the boss, we all knew it! Everything changed in 2017."

"Kath was admitted to the Royal Marsden Hospital in London for cancer treatment. After a period of unsuccessful treatment, Kath told us she wanted to go to Trinity to escape the noise of a hospital and have some privacy, surrounded by her family and friends.

"I remember the trip we made from the Royal Marsden to Trinity. As we drove over the River Thames she said “That’s the last time I’ll see these bridges”.

There were 15 of us in her room at times and we’d take turns to stay, Trinity doesn’t have visiting hours so we could always be with her. I’d be there in the evenings and stay overnight during the week.

"The staff would make me toast in the morning before I went to work, then on sunny mornings we’d push her bed out onto her balcony. Her son Max and husband Steve would stay on the weekends; she was so keen that Max’s school work didn’t fall behind; I know that wasn’t an easy decision for her. Even now, Max always travels with a photo of Kath.

"I remember one night we all watched Grease, a family favourite. The staff got us popcorn and we sang along, it was a lovely memory for us all. It was times like these we knew Trinity was the right place for Kath and us as a family.

"Since she died we’ve raised over £7,000 for Trinity, so they can support more families like us, free of charge. We didn’t have a choice, Kath made me promise we’d support them when she was gone! Fundraising in her memory has helped us as a family; it gives us a focus when we are feeling low.

My daughter Lola is sitting next to me now and when I asked her what she remembers about her Auntie Kath, she went quiet. Then she said with a smile: “She used to call me Lollypop!” We all miss her.

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