Ben’s wife, Katie, spent almost 3 weeks in Trinity’s inpatient unit in July 2017.

"My wife Katie was the life and soul of the party and always at the centre of any dancefloor. She was my soul mate, my best friend and the most incredible mother to our two young daughters, Izzy and Ellie. Katie had an insatiable love of life and accomplished so much in her 39 years there is not space enough to write it here.

At the age of 35, Katie was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

The diagnosis changed our lives, but it did not stop Katie. Whether it was during the periods of normality, chemo or surgery she continued to smile, to fight and never give up. We travelled the world as much in those 3 years as we did in the 17 before.

She never ever broke her stride, not even when we took our girls to visit Santa in Lapland just over a week after she underwent major surgery.

I will never forget walking in to Trinity holding Katie’s hand. That feeling in my stomach as we drew close is one I know so many of you will know only too well and I can still feel it. 

Then everything changed.

As we walked through the door of Katie’s room the most glorious warming sunshine greeted us. My daughters went screaming out into the garden to explore and as I chased after them, a lady smiled and told me how much she enjoyed the sound of young children.

When we returned to the room, I could scarcely believe the difference in Katie.

Her ear to ear smile had returned. The sparkle was back in her eyes.

The energy and the drive that Katie brought in those next two and a half weeks was all hers, but would not have been possible without Trinity’s support. Trinity enabled us to do those last few things which we thought were beyond us. And we did so with a huge smile, laughter and memories I will cherish forever.

Our friends and the team at Trinity combined with stunning effect to let Katie attend our daughter’s school prize giving through the magic of virtual reality. They even helped us to take a family trip to Disney World, complete with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, without ever leaving the Hospice. 

I know that everyone’s experience of Trinity is as unique as the people in it, but for us it was the staff, from top to bottom, from volunteer to consultant that allowed Katie to shape that time as only she could. Before she died, Katie made me promise that we pay that back as best we could."

To honour Katie’s memory and continue her legacy, Ben and his family and friends have embarked on an incredible challenge to raise £250,000 for two of Katie’s chosen charities, Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity and Royal Trinity Hospice.

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