"When my husband James was first diagnosed with cancer he had wonderful support at home from one of the Trinity community nurses, who visited often and was always available on the end of a phone. Then when he did eventually go into the hospice, the nurses gave him kindness and optimism through this very difficult time.

Whilst James was a patient at Trinity, he experienced not only first class medical care, but also kindness, warmth and a sense of optimism from all the staff. I think the best way to describe is it is that he felt safe there, which made for a feeling of warmth and security in a situation that was anything but. However, when people are in such extreme circumstances that is that what they need.

If anyone wants to fundraise for Trinity, they would find it an extremely worthwhile and rewarding experience. I trained as a classical singer at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where I learnt not only to love opera but also to discover in greater detail, the wonderful world of chamber music and the concert repertoire. I come from a musical family, my mother played the piano, my sister also, and I began the violin when I was nine, so music was part of my life.

After James died, I wanted to find a way to thank Trinity and I wanted to put something back. I love the music I sing and it seemed a good way to use what I know and my experience to help and support Trinity, whilst of course loving working in such a beautiful medium.

James was at Trinity for the last week of his life. We had hoped he would come back home, he had gone there partly for me to have a break, but the disease was too far advanced, and so it was not to be. However, being at Trinity enabled him to relax more and not to worry about me. I was told by the priest that James had talked to him the night before he died and in being able to speak about it all he had been greatly helped - being able to talk more openly than at any other time since his diagnosis was a comfort for him and I felt glad to feel he had not been alone. 

Given with well-known pianist Julius Drake, Laura's concert "A Summer Concert of Song", will raise funds for Trinity and will be held at St Nicholas's Church, Chiswich Mall, W4 2PJ, on Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 7.30pm.

The programme includes Barber, Schubert, Antheil and Grieg. Tickets are £15 and they are available by emailing Laura directly.