Liz’s husband, Paddy, was cared for at home by Trinity’s Wandsworth End of Life Care Coordination Service

We joined Royal Trinity Carer, Alison, on a visit to Liz where they talked about the difference Alison and her colleagues made at the most difficult time in her life. 

“When we received news that my husband Paddy could no longer stay at St. George’s Hospital and we needed to look for further care, we were referred to Trinity's Wandsworth Care Coordination Service.

"They took wonderful care of him during his final days and we were able to stay at home as we wished. I still remember the first time the team walked through my door, explaining to me the support they would give. I felt assured knowing that my husband was in safe hands. I knew I could completely entrust Paddy's personal care to them and step back, giving myself some time and space.

"I always looked forward to their visits and had never felt more at home, having Alison and the other team members around; they felt just like our family. They washed Paddy, dressed him and gave the utmost love and compassion just like you would to your own family. They were always there with a smile, cheering us up and having a good time.

I was able to go back to simply being his wife and focus on enjoying the moments with him.

"Other than all the support they provided for Paddy, taking care of everything he needed, they also gave our family the much‐needed emotional support. I was very upset a lot of the time but we had the reassurance of knowing there was always someone there for us if we needed any help, be it someone to talk to, or someone just to listen. And sometimes, just having one of the Royal Trinity Carers there for us was enough; someone to give us a comforting hug when words weren’t enough.

“They really helped me cope with the difficult emotions I faced. It was very distressing for the whole family and to this day, we are still learning to cope with it. Paddy and I were childhood sweethearts, we met in Ireland in 1957 and moved here and built our lives together. His death was a big blow – we had spent all our lives together and I could not imagine life without him.

"I remember one thing that Alison said to me when I was covered all in tears and grief, ‘You are feeling so deeply for Paddy because you have loved someone so dearly’. I keep our good memories with me and although I can't escape this sadness of missing him dearly, knowing that we gave him all we could in his last moments helps.

“I really could not have asked for more. The care that Paddy received up to the last minute was simply brilliant. I am so grateful to have had Alison and the Wandsworth End of Life Care Coordination Service there for us. Like my daughter, Helen said, 'They will always have a special place in our golden chain of memories.'"

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