Lloyd is one of Trinity's Befriending volunteers and visits Chey once a week. He talks about his experience of volunteering at Trinity and the relationship he's built with Chey over the past six months.

"I started volunteering as a Befriender at Trinity about six months ago. I signed up and waited to be matched – they like to make sure they get the perfect match – before I was introduced to Chey who I’ve been visiting once a week ever since.

I like helping people and making a difference, but wanted to expand this outside of my own circle. Befriending seemed like a great fit, especially as Chey has COPD just like my grandad did, so I was familiar with the condition.

Chey lives alone and doesn’t have much contact apart from me and her carer. We got along straight away, but have become really close over time. We go shopping every week. She always buy lots of desserts, panna cotta and cheesecake are her favourites. Sometimes that’s all she’ll eat, although I have managed to coax her into getting soup once or twice.

We also go to some local charity shops, and we’ve been so many times now that they recognise us as soon as we go through the door! That’s great because it means we get to chat to lots of different people.

Once we get back, I usually put her shopping away and then we sit and chat for an hour. We have really interesting conversations, talking about all sorts such as family stories and what she’s been watching on ITVbe this week. We sometimes share photos too – the other week we looked through the photos from my brother’s wedding, so I get to share my life with her as well.  

She’s changed so much since I started visiting. She’s much more positive and smiley and she seems happy to see me every week.

It’s nice for there to be someone visiting her that isn’t only there to check on her health, and it gives her a chance to get out and about once a week, which she just couldn’t manage on her own.

We’ve definitely become friends, and visiting Chey has become a real highlight of my week. It’s a credit to the matching system because we’ve really hit it off and I think both of us are really appreciative of the time we get together."

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