A few years ago, Mary set up Mulberry Musicians, one of our most popular activities. Four times a year, a group of professional musicians perform in Trinity's Mulberry Room. The performances are free and open to all - join us at the next one on 10 July at Trinity! 

One good thing about music; when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley

"I’ve always loved music and became very interested in the power of music to help people with their mental and physical conditions and to help them to release their emotions and feel a variety of sensations from feeling good, happy, calm, energised, relaxed and sometimes sad. 

Music can take you to another place where all that matters for just that moment is the beauty of the sounds. It’s magical and quite inexplicable.  I used to be a trustee of an orchestra and came to realise that there is something very special about “live” music played by superb musicians.  

I have been a volunteer at Trinity for a number of years, in the early days volunteering in the fundraising department and then with the Bereavement Services team.

When I got involved, I began to wonder whether I could bring the idea of live music to the hospice.  I wanted these concerts to be free and for all the community and most importantly to be inclusive, informal and fun.

As a volunteer fundraiser for various charities I approached one of the foundations I had worked with to see if they would be interested in funding a string quartet to give four concerts a year and they were – that was over five years ago now!

Our professional musicians really enjoy playing at the concerts and see it as an important part of their professional careers. Matt Maguire who plays the viola and Abi Hyde Smith who plays the cello are the principal musicians who develop and select the music for each of the concerts and have played a key role in ensuring the concerts are so successful. All the musicians who play at Trinity work in orchestras, string quartets and you may even spot some of them at the Proms or Holland Park Opera, at a West End musical or even at Glastonbury.

It has been really encouraging to see the reaction of members of the audience to the music. Nearly all of them leave with a smile on their face and join in the singing or have a great time with the percussion instruments which we use to make music with the musicians. 

Music can be a really emotional experience and tears as well as laughter can all be part of the mix.

Someone at one of the concerts told me that she didn’t feel well enough to go to public concerts any more. The idea that the concerts had come to her was a huge boost to her wellbeing.  Many of our audience are regulars and come with their carers. We encourage everyone to drop-in and enjoy the music.     

We have learnt what audiences like and so at the beginning of each year I get together with the lead musicians and we talk about a theme for each of the concerts.  The musicians choose the music which spans film, musical theatre, pop, jazz and some classical. The Christmas concert is great and Matt Maguire usually composes a fantastic medley of much loved favourites which he asks the audience to identify if they can.

We chose the name Mulberry Musicians because it relates to the centre at Trinity where so much wonderful therapy takes place. And it’s a wonderful bright and airy room with a good acoustic."

The next Mulberry Musicians concert is on 10 July, 2pm-3pm with refreshments served from 1:30pm. 

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